1) During the warranty period:
– The warranty period is calculated from the date the product is shipped from the Company’s warehouse.
– The product is warranted when the damage is caused by the fault of the manufacturer.
– During the warranty period and the scope of the warranty, components damaged due to manufacturer’s fault will be repaired and replaced at the Company’s warranty room.
– Customers are free for spare parts, or repair work due to manufacturer’s fault during the product warranty period.
– Warranty period of the product: depending on the product, it will come with a warranty period when purchasing
2) Out-of-warranty coverage
– Damages and losses not due to the fault of the manufacturer.
– In case of damage due to improper use or failure to comply with the instructions of the manufacturer or agent.
– In case of damage caused by arbitrarily repairing and changing the product structure.
– In case of failure due to causes: Fire, natural disaster, natural wear and tear, careless transportation, insect and rodent damage, other effects leading to damage that are not caused by the product itself. cause…
– The appearance of the product is damaged such as dents, scratches, yellow rust, …
– Cases of damage caused by use in special environments.