In order to ensure the interests of customers, improve the quality of after-sales service,
SAILAZA would like to send information about return and exchange to customers
I. Scope of application:
1. Subjects of application: Customers who have purchased products at SAILAZA
II. Conditions for exchange of goods:
You will be exchanged at SAILAZA in the following cases:
– The goods do not match the type and model as you have ordered.
– The goods do not have enough quantity, not enough sets, not the right information as in the original order.
– Goods do not meet quality such as: out of warranty, inoperable, damaged due to fault of supplier, manufacturer…
In these cases the shipping costs will be borne by SAILAZA free of charge.
1. Time to exchange: Products can be exchanged within 7 days
2. The product is determined to be defective by the technicians of SAILAZA or the manufacturer.
3. The returned product must be in its original packaging, styrofoam and full accessories attached, promotional gifts (if any)…
4. The returned product is not defective in form (scratched, scratched, broken, dented, yellowed, …)
5. The returned product must have all accompanying documents such as (purchase voucher or VAT invoice, warranty card, manual, catalog …)

III. In case of not accepting the exchange:
1. Do not accept to exchange goods in case customers order goods during the promotion period.
2. Product failure due to improper operation by customers.
3. Customers do not comply with the required provisions to enjoy the warranty and exchange regimes (for example, do not send a message to register for warranty according to the form for brands with electronic warranty or do not send the warranty card). to the right place within the specified time).
4. Customers themselves affect the external condition of the product such as tearing the packaging, losing or breaking the box, scratching, scratching, breaking the product…
5. Customers request to return goods because of scratches, dents, and dents. stains, yellow… after being checked and signed by a technician of SAILAZA
IV. In case of return of goods
– No return or exchange in any form except for the fault of the seller or manufacturer
– If the product has a manufacturer defect, and we do not have another product with the same code to exchange,
– For customers who place an order but do not want to take the product, the deposit will not be refunded in any form.
All re-imported products must meet requirements II and III
V. Process of handling exchange/return procedures:
1. Customers contact the company’s head office directly
Address: 228A Tran Cao Van, Tam Thuan Ward, Thanh Khe District, Da Nang City
Shipping cost until return: Company bears 100%.
2. After receiving a certificate of status with the content of damaged goods due to technical errors that cannot be immediately repaired, the exchange will be made in accordance with SAILAZA’s regulations.
3. The process of handling exchange procedures is carried out within 07 (seven) days from the date SAILAZA receives sufficient information and documents as prescribed from the customer.
4. Please contact Customer Service for instructions on return and exchange procedures